The Formation Sign 2011 - Click on cover thumbnail for a larger image
FS 241 Improve your knowledge of Zap Badges in Afghanistan, some Unusual Cloth from Wartime India, Korean War British Cloth, Pilots wings of the South African Air Force, modern Cloth from Around the World, Second World War Canadian Cloth Shoulder Titles. Beginners Please! covers Divisional Signs of the Postwar TA.
FS 242 A new Badge for the Garrison Sergeant Major (designed by a society member) is featured on the cover with articles on Canadian Aerodrome Defence Units 1942-1944, a modern Badge Miscellany, cloth Badges from the Empire, Arm Badges of the Germen Bundeswehr and Beginners Please! on Cloth Signs of the late 1960s and 1970s.
FS 243 Following the cover story of an Unusual Commando Badge, probably for 3 Commando, this issue looks at the Army's Wartime Physiotherapy Services, Modern RAF Cloth, Unusual CD Cloth, the Sign of 22nd Armoured Brigade, a Nurse's Cape Full of Cloth, an old cloth Miscellany, a Mercian TRF Mystery. Beginners Please! looks at the Cloth Signs of the Postwar BAOR.
FS 244 Features a new badge for High Assurance IED Search Teams, Formation Signs on Vehicles, Canada's Enemy Scientific and Technological Investigators, The Sign of the Desert Rats, Helmet Markings, ARP and CD Area Breast Badges and unusual Shoulder Titles, a Round-up of Modern RAF Cloth and Beginners Please! on Cloth of the Post-war British Army in the Far East.

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