The Formation Sign 2012 - Click on cover thumbnail for a larger image
FS 245 This issue looks at The Egyptian Cat of 15 Signal Regiment, the Felix Badge and variations, cloth badges of Essex, the travels of 1st Armoured Division's rhino, the Diamond Signs of 42nd Infantry Division and its successors and an Army Armband Miscellany.
FS 246 Contents include new Dog Handler's badges, the sign of 6th Armoured Brigade, British Ministry of War Transport badges, Canadian Army Auxiliary Services 1939-1945, a Vehicle Sign Miscellany, New Badges for the Army and Royal Navy, 1930s Pagri flashes, Russian Navy Fleet badges and Beginners Please! on Home Guard badges, 1940-1944.
FS 247 Traces the history of the badges worn by the Australian Army's Car Contingent during the Queen's 1954 visit, records the insignia of New Zealand's contribution to the Commonwealth Occupation Force in post-war Japan, gives details of the Olympic badge worn by the service personal at the London 2012 Games, provides details of the cloth badges of Burma's paramilitary Police and the Greek Army of 2012 and records new Army and Army cadet insignia. The issue also details the cuts to be made under the "Army 2020" plan.
FS 248 A varied issue with articles on the wartime ROF Hazardous Duty badge, cloth cap badges of the short-lived Scottish Yeomanry, rank badges of Indian Army Viceroy Commissioned Officers, the Royal Navy's Damage Control Parties, shoulder titles of Canada's 1st and 2nd Army University Course, Brigade badges of Germany's Bundeswehr and a selection of modern Army and cadet insignia.

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