The Formation Sign 2014 - Click on cover thumbnail for a larger image
FS 253 Takes a look at the insignia worn by RAF personnel working with the Reaper drone, details some of the insignia made in wartime Britain for the US troops stationed here, records the badges worn by the shortlived RAC Training Centre, BAOR, illustrates examples of Girls Naval Training Corps' badges and the armbands worn on the Home Front by wartime Food Salvage teams.
FS 254 Beginning with an account of the rare naval-inspired badge worn by a Brigade of 4th Infantry Division, Issue 254 looks at the Khaki University of Canada badges, illustrates a mixture of vehicle markings, records a previously unknown pagri flash for the First World War No 28 Motor Ambulance Convoy, ASC, details the insignia worn by the Cadets of Giggleswick School and illustrates a number of newly-discovered Home Front items including armbands for Food Salvage Squads.
FS 255 This 20-page Special Issue marks the outbreak of war in August 1914 by looking at the variety of cloth badges introduced and worn by the armed and support services - the Royal Flying Corps, Red Cross, Women's Army Auxiliary Corps, Land Army and Volunteer Training Corps. It includes a detailed examination of cloth badges worn by battalions of The Queen's Own (Royal West Kent) Regiment.
FS 256 With an attributed collection of rare cloth insignia for the Palestine Regiment and the Jewish Brigade Group on its cover, this issue includes a comprehensive listing of the numbered Fire Forces of the wartime National Fire Service, has two pages describing newly-adopted army insignia, finally solves the mystery of a Wings for Britain metal badge first queried in 1971, discusses the Skull arm badge worn by No3 Commando and describes the mysterious badge of the Officer Cadet Reserve.

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