The Formation Sign 2017 - Click on cover thumbnail for a larger image
FS 265 The cover of this issue looks at some rare arm titles worn by the Indian Airborne Division, inside articles covering the use of the Commando dagger badge by the Royal Navy, the history and insignia of The Women's Legion, some RASC Company vehicle signs and the formation signs worn by the Canadian Army units after the Unification of Canada's forces ended.
FS 266 With a cover image of the signs of The Twelfth Army worn in the Far East campaign, this issue tries to unravel the mystery of the green and purple crossed claymore badge often wrongly attributed to the Commandos and has a detailed, illustrated history of the adoption of the sign worn by British troops stationed in Berlin after 1945.
FS 267 A 48-page Special Issue commemorating 100 years of the Army's tank units, this records their origins in the Machine Gun Corps, the formation of the Tank Corps and its subsequent history. It is packed with details of uniforms and insignia and includes over forty photographs of them being worn.
FS 268 Its cover story telling of an officer of The Buffs wearing a gold embroidered RAF Path Finder badge on his No 1 Dress, this issue attempts to unravel the mystery of the IX Corps banner-less trumpet sign, illustrates numerous modern TRFs and formation signs on MTP clothing and includes additional material on the Berlin Sign covered in Issue 266.

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