The Formation Sign 2020 - Click on cover thumbnail for a larger image
FS 277 Includes a photograph of the rare Special Allied Airborne Reconnaissance Force (SAARF) arm badge being worn, relates the origins of the signs of the Lincolnshire County Division and 22nd Beach Brigade, finally solves the longstanding mystery of a Sussex related Artillery badge, looks at the water slide steel helmet transfers made by Aldershot publishers Gale & Polden, illustrates two previously unrecorded badges from the First World War and has the usual features on modern badges and mystery items to identify.
FS 278 Marks the anniversaries of the formation of the Local Defence Volunteers in 1940 and VE Day in 1945, records use of the Palestine national title, variations on the wartime titles of the Parachute Regiment and Royal Marines, solves the mystery of a pine tree badge shown in FS 276 and carries the regular crop of new badges and items for identification.
FS 279 Following on from FS 273, this includes a detailed and fully illustrated record of the Epaulette and Shoulder insignia worn by the Artillery of the Honourable Artillery Company, includes a rare title worn by the Special Boat Squadron, details the unusual rank insignia of the wartime Middlesex Yeomanry serving as signallers, ask the question who exactly wore the alleged Port Commando badge and illustrates RN EOD badges and further tiger badges of the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment.
FS 280 Includes a four page illustrated section depicting the insignia of the Civil Defenders under fire in the London Blitz 80 years ago, an article on the history of the griffin wing badge adopted by the new 1st Aviation Brigade, several articles on wartime Gunner badges including the TT sign worn by 74th Field Regiment, an attempt to establish a comprehensive Orbat for the postwar 13th Division, a selection of photos showing badges worn and the usual crop of questions and queries.

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