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FS 285 Reviews three recently published books of interest to badge collectors. MI9 by Helen Fry covers the organisation set up in 1940 to facilitate escapes of prisoners of war, assist their return to the UK and collect and distribute any information obtained during their escape. British Army Headdress 1939 to 1945 by Jon Mills and published by the Military Historical Society with 170 colour and 180 black and white contemporary illustrations showing headress in wear. Badges of the Regular Infantry 1914-1918 by David Bilton provides details of the insignia of the British Army regular regiments during the Great War. Organisational changes in the British Army are covered in 'Future Soldier' which describes and illustrates the signs of higher formations, divisions and brigades. The Ranger Regiment announced at the end of 2021 has resulted in a new cap badge and battalion TRFs as part of the Army Special Operations Brigade.
FS 286 Looks at the British Army's Operation Orbital training the Ukranian forces, has the first part of a series on the cloth badges of the Army Cadet Force, details the history and demise of the London Regiment, records the badges of those providing medical support to the UK Special Forces and those worn by British training teams overseas and asks help on two mystery photos of servicemen and the usual batch of unidentified badges.
FS 287 This issue identifies as an Army Apprentice RSM the young soldier in service dress, a mystery in the previous edition, covers some of the cloth badges worn by the British Commonwealth Occupation Force in post-war Japan, provides details of the Land Information Assurance Group, has more details on Army Cadet Force cloth badges, looks at the role and badges of Australian Joint Task Force 636 in Afghanistan, records some of the insignia worn by the Liverpool Scottish 2nd Bn in the early days of World War Two and illustrates a range of cloth badges worn by a Dutch War Correspondent.
FS 288 This issue records the death of Her Majesty the Queen and the succession of His Majesty King Charles III, looks at some of the many new cloth badges worn in Europe after D-Day, adds further details of Liverpool Scottish, Army Cadet Force and Dutch correspondents badges, showcases a Red Cross nurses cape decorated with cloth badges, discusses some variations of the Wyvern sign of 43rd Division, identifies a mystery tartan badge backing, displays a range of recent British Army Signs and offers Society Members the opportunity to buy an Index to The Formation Sign covering 1991 to date.

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