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What You May Have Missed... Recent Examples of our Journal

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FS 253 January - February 2014
The January 2014 issue includes articles on the badges worn by the RAF crews flying the Reaper drones, some British-made American World War Two cloth patches, a previously unrecorded badge worn by Royal Canadian Artillery gunners manning Honest John rockets, the sign of BAOR's post-war Armoured Centre, details of some rare badges of the Girl's Nautical Training Corps, the badges of Palestine Command, Home Front armbands for Salvage Schemes and a miscellany of badges worn by the civilians in uniform who accompanied the liberation forces to Europe after 1944..

FS 252 October-December 2013
This edition details the award of the Commando dagger to two RAF officers, an early RAMC arm badge, some unusual Home Guard insignia, details of German Marine Dienstgruppe badges and the first issue of Malaya Command’s kris badge, two unusually badged battle dress blouses, a brief history of the RAC’s Boys Squadron, the history of 64 Signal Regiment’s Glossop title and some rare cloth items worn by women serving in India in the Second World War. The issue is completed by some new modern British Army badges and the usual selection of unidentified items.

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ISSUE 251 July 2013
Looks at Cloth Shoulder Titles of the Dominion of Pakistan 1947-1956,
Badges of RN and Admiralty Ferry Crews, the RNAS and RNVR Anti-Aircraft Corps, Chaplains’ Badges, official and unofficial, a rare National Fire Service title, plus Badges of the Bundeswehr, FANY and MoS/Official Car Service. New badges for the DEMS Training Regiment, Armour Centre and Gibraltar Regiment EOD teams are pictured. The usual crop of mystery items for identification is included.

ISSUE 250 May 2013
This issue records the Journal’s development since Issue Number One in 1951, its progress plotted against a record of the British Army's service during that time in Korea, Malaya, Kenya, Cyprus, Borneo, BAOR, Northern Ireland, Iraq, Afghanistan and peacekeeping with the UN illustrated with over 80 badges.

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ISSUE 249 February 2013
Commemorates seventy years of the RAF Regiment, traces the history of the Lynx badge of 65 Signals Regiment, records some examples of the badges worn on the new MTP camouflage and looks at some of the badges of the wartime Pre-Service Training Corps for Girls.

ISSUE 248 November 2012
A varied issue with articles on the wartime ROF Hazardous Duty badge, the cloth cap badges of the short-lived Scottish Yeomanry, the rank badges of the Indian Army Viceroy Commissioned Officers, the Royal Navy’s Damage Control Parties, the shoulder titles of Canada’s 1st and 2nd Army University Course, Brigade badges of the German Bundeswehr and a selection of modern Army and Army cadet insignia.

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ISSUE 247 August 2012
Traces the history of the badges worn by the Australian Army’s Car Contingent during the Queen’s 1954 visit, records the insignia of New Zealand’s contribution to the Commonwealth Occupation Force in postwar Japan, gives details of the Olympic badge worn by the service personal at the London 2012 Games, provides details of the cloth badges of Burma’s paramilitary Police and the Greek Army of 2012 and records new Army and Army cadet insignia. The issue also details the cuts to be made under the “Army 2020” plan.

ISSUE 246 April 2012
Contents include new Dog Handlers badges, the Sign of 6th Armoured Brigade, British Ministry of War Transport badges, Canadian Army Auxiliary Services 1939-1945, a Vehicle Sign Miscellany, New Badges for the Army and Royal Navy, 1930s Pagri flashes, Russian Navy Fleet badges and Beginners Please! on Home Guard badges, 1940-1944.

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ISSUE 245 January 2012
This issue looks at The Egyptian Cat of 15 Signal Regiment, the Felix Badge and Variations, Cloth Badges of Essex, the Travels of 1st Armoured Division’s rhino, the Diamond Signs of 42nd Infantry Division and its successors and an Army Armband Miscellany.

ISSUE 244 October 2011
Features a new badge for High Assurance IED Search Teams, Formation Signs on Vehicles, Canada’s Enemy Scientific and Technological Investigators, The Sign of the Desert Rats, Helmet Markings, ARP and CD Area Breast Badges and Unusual Shoulder Titles, A Round-up of Modern RAF Cloth and Beginners Please! on Cloth of the Postwar British Army in the Far East.

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ISSUE 243 July 2011
Following the cover story of an Unusual Commando Badge – probably for 3 Commando, this issue looks at the Army’s Wartime Physiotherapy Services, Modern RAF Cloth, Unusual CD Cloth, the Sign of 22nd Armoured Brigade, A Nurse’s Cape Full of Cloth, an old cloth Miscellany, a Mercian TRF Mystery. Beginners Please! looks at the Cloth Signs of the Postwar BAOR.

ISSUE 242 April 2011
A New Badge for the Garrison Sergeant Major (designed by a society member) is featured on the cover with articles on Canadian Aerodrome Defence Units 1942-1944, Modern Badge Miscellany, Cloth Badges from the Empire, Arm Badges of the Germen Bundeswehr and Beginners Please! on Cloth Signs of the late 1960s and 1970s.

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ISSUE 241 January 2011
Improve your knowledge of Zap Badges in Afghanistan, Some Unusual Cloth from Wartime India, Korean War British Cloth, Pilots’ wings of the South African Air Force, Modern Cloth from Around the World, Second World War Canadian Cloth Shoulder Titles. Beginners Please! covers Divisional Signs of the Postwar TA.

ISSUE 240 October 2010
The 2nd Duke of Lancaster’s Lion worn in Afghanistan appears on the front cover followed by Postwar Cloth Badges of the Dutch Army, Formation Signs on Documents, the Elusive Badge of Solent Garrison and others, the Badges of The General Post Office’s Cable Laying Ships, a First World War Miscellany, Badges of Modern Times, Pilots’ Wings of the Rhodesian Air Force and Beginners Please! on British Army Signs for Higher Formations of the Second World War.


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