The Formation Sign 2016 - Click on cover thumbnail for a larger image
FS 261 One of the occasional 16-page issues, this looks at insignia of the post-war Territorial Northamptonshire Yeomanry, includes a detailed article on the arm titles of the Canadian Army Pay Corps, illustrates one regiment's current rules for wearing cloth insignia from TRFs to Zap badges, examines the insignia of the wartime Civil Defence Reserve, has a double page spread of the insignia of Ireland's Reserve Defence Force and begins a series of articles looking in detail at a British manufacturer's insignia sample cards made from 1940 for the Free Dutch Forces based here.
FS 262 Starting with an examination of the history of the Green Flash worn by the Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers, articles include a survey of the arm titles worn by the bands of the Corps of Army Music (CAMUS), Part Two of the detailed look at the samples of British made insignia made for the Free Dutch Forces and some thoughts on the current use of the Army's 'lightbulb' parachute badge.
FS 263 This issue contains Part Three of a detailed look at some manufacturer's sample cards of insignia made in Britain for the Free Dutch Force stationed here, notes further Home Front insignia and includes the third part of an examination of the use by Boy Scout troops of British Army formation signs.
FS 264 With Army Christmas cards on its front page, this issue contains new information on Home Guard insignia, the memories of a Cadet in a school CCF in the 1960s, details of a previously unrecorded machine gun qualification badge as well as the regular survey of newly-adopted insignia and one of a series of reports on auction sales of cloth insignia.

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