The Formation Sign 2018 - Click on cover thumbnail for a larger image
FS 269 With its centre spread a cape smothered in badges worn in the Italian Campaign, this issue looks at the insignia of the Canadian Army's Tunnellers in the First World War, the badges made for the Libyan Army by the Calico Printers in the 1950s and illustrates a rare Local Defence Volunteer armband.
FS 270 This 48-page Special issue marked the Centenary of the Royal Air Force from its origin in the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Naval Air Service, its pages crammed with unpublished photos of uniforms and the badges worn on them.
FS 271 This 16-page edition has a detailed, illustrated account of the Cold War Royal Naval Minewatching Service and its successor the RN Auxiliary Service, tells of the activities of the wartime WVS and explains the details and origins of a cloth badge collection found in America which contains numerous examples of the silk woven badges made by the Staffordshire-based firm Brough, Hall and Nicolson, some of the best quality wartime badges worn by Britain's forces.
FS 272 Attempts to solve the riddle of how a formation sign abolished in 1942 appeared on the arms of soldiers in Normandy in 1944, illustrates several of the armbands worn by the wartime Warwickshire Civil Defence units, relates how the Lymphad of Sunderland became a regimental arm badge and has a centre spread of a cloth badge collection formed in North West Europe in 1944-1945.

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