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FS 281 Marks the 100 year anniversary of the NAAFI. This 32-page Special issue of our Journal tells the story of NAAFI, supplier to the Services of Canteens and more from its origins in the Expeditionary Forces and Navy & Army Canteen Board to its birth in 1921 until its Centenary. It illustrates examples of the wide range of insignia worn by NAAFI staff in peace and war, including its wartime work with the forces overseas as the Expeditionary Forces Institutes of the RASC and the Naval Canteen Service, looks at the work of the Women's Voluntary Services in NAAFI's clubs in war and peace and tells the history of NAAFI money and its use of the British Army's BAFs.
FS 282 Looks at the use of Cavalry and Royal Tank Regiment insignia by the REME personnel serving with them, explains the system of coloured shamrock emblems adopted by the First World War 16th Irish Division, finally illustrates a badge adopted by a Crewe TA unit in 1956, records a new wartime flash for a battalion of the KOYLI and provides details of the activities of the 1946 Army Mechanised Demonstration Column (AMDC). Its centre pages commemorate the 80th Birthday of the Air Training Corps and there are articles on wartime Civil Defence Emergency Committees and the activities, insignia and uniforms of the American Red Cross in wartime Britain. Plus more!
FS 283 This issue looks at the insignia of the Royal Engineer Signal Service, solves the mystery of an unofficial cloth title worn by a women's unit attached to a factory Home Guard, discusses the rat signs worn by 7th Armoured Division in Italy, covers the changes affecting the bands of the Royal Corps of Army Music, records a rare slip on title worn by a War Artist serving with the RAF, illustrates national titles worn by a Toc H volunteer from Argentina and a young member of the ATS from Guernsey and of course has the usual selection of queries and mysteries to be identified.
FS 284 This issue marks the 70th Birthday of the Military Heraldry Society, its outer cover a copy of the MHS Bulletin No 1, predecessor of The Formation Sign. Starting with a look back at Britain in 1951 it includes the collecting memoirs of a founding Society member, records the decisions on dress and insignia made by that year by the War Office Dress Committee, illustrates the formation signs then worn by the Army overseas, reflects on the range of units which made up the TA in the early 1950s, illustrates examples of the many books on military insignia written by Society members and records examples of modern cloth insignia based on badges worn in 1951.

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