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FS 289 This issue looks at the role of the Royal Scots in the post-war Free City of Trieste, then under Allied Military government; features insignia of the Cambridge University Rifle Corps and the Army Dental Corps, illustrates the armbands of Army Fencing Officials and some rare First World War cloth insignia, relates the history of the government Broad Arrow symbol, poses a question about a soldier of the Reconnaissance Corps, records the story of the 23rd Armoured Brigade Liver Bird badge, identifies the badge of the Belgian collaborationist Brigade Vollante and features a number of badges newly adopted by the British Army.
FS 290 looks at 13th Division's formation sign and its post-war troops, discusses the cloth badges of Women's Auxiliary Police Corps and queries a possible misattribution to the West African Pioneer Corps, looks at some rare Volunteer badges of the nineteenth century, tells the story of the Venezia Giulia police force in post-war Trieste, illustrates two uncommon badges being worn, continues the story of the Liverpool Scottish and a Hammersmith AA regiment in the post-war AA Command and looks at the rarely seen Close Protection trade badge.
FS 291 SPECIAL EDITION Published to mark the 80th Anniversary of the formation of the Fire Guard as a separate Civil Defence service, this issue looks at the threat presented by the 1 Kilo German incendiary bomb, the pre-war planning to meet that threat and the many services engaged in tackling the fires that Firebomb Fritz caused. The pre-war fire brigades, with too few men to meet the threat, were reinforced by the newly-formed Auxiliary Fire Service which played a major part in dealing with the heavy Blitz of 1940. Handicapped by different ways of tackling fires, the AFS and local Brigades came together as the National Fire Service, its work supplemented by Fire Watchers, Fire Parties and later the Fire Guard. This 72-page issue is profusely illustrated with photographs, ephemera and insignia of the many men and women who fought against Fritz.
FS 292 illustrates badges commemorating a series of REME exercises in the BAOR in the 1980s, looks at some of the problems that are being encountered with the replacement of the Royal Crown and cypher as Charles III comes to the throne, illustrates two rare Home Guard armbands, raises some questions about a Royal Artillery title of the 1950s, records details of the Battleaxe Club, formed from former soldiers of the 78th Infantry Division, includes a detailed study of the variations found in early patterns of the SAS beret badge, illustrates variations of the badge worn by Faroe Islands Force, poses a question about an HAC cloth badge and includes a variety of badged battle dress sleeves.

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